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You are here: Home Technical Index Ford Truck Production - Option Statistics
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Ford Truck Production - Option Statistics

Last Updated: 10/01/17

This page includes complied statistics as provided by multiple owner-supplied Marti Reports.

Do you have a Marti Report for your bumpside ('67-'72) truck? Then I need to hear from you!

I'm in the process of compiling this listing of the production option statistics as provided on your Marti Report. Since Kevin Marti at Marti Autoworks is the only source available for most of these numbers, this page could be a huge help for those of you wondering how rare your truck and/or production options truly are. Of course, this page will be a general overview only and not specific to your truck.

I'm asking you to or e-mail a copy of it to me at to be included. No personal information on you or your truck will be shared on this page, only the production numbers, but for accuracy it's important I receive the entire sheet.

This will be an on-going project and I will update the page as new reports are forwarded to me.



Engine Code Y (352-2V) and Transmission Code G (Automatic)

24,239 (F250)

Paint Code MA (Wimbledon White w/Raven Black)

303 (F250)

Trim Code I81 (Red Vinyl Ranger Bench Seat / Conventional)

100 (F250)

W/ Mercury Truck conversion

1490 (F250)

Ordered from DSO A6 (Western Canada)

388 (F250)

Paint Code U (Lunar Green) 14,536 (F100)
Trim Code 381 (Parchment Vinyl Bench Seat / Conventional) 3,132 (F100)
Ordered from DSO 62 (Houston, TX) 18,299 (F100)
W/ 8.25x15 4-Ply Raded Black Sidewall Tires 197,791 (F100)
Engine Code A (240-1V) and Transmission Code C (3-Spd. Manual) 72,437 (F100)
506,101 Ford trucks produced
14,625 F250 4x4s produced. 13,115 of which had a 360-2V engine. (12,732 of those had a 4-spd. transmission.)
w/ Sport Custom Package

2,640 (F250 4x4)

Paint Code MP (Wimbledon White/Boxwood Green)

3,247 (F100)

Paint Code R (Yucatan Gold)

632 (F250 4x4)

Trim Code F4 (Green Vinyl Sport Custom Bench Seat / Styleside)

876 (F100)

Engine Code G (302-2V) and Transmission Code F (Warner T-18 4-spd. Manual)

 8,168 (F100)

Engine Code Y (360-2V) and Transmission Code A (New Process 435 4-spd. Manual)

12,732 (F250 4x4)

Ordered from DSO 72 (San Jose, CA)

807 (F250 4x4)

Ordered from DSO 75 (Phoenix, AZ)

19,323 (F100)


w/ Sports Custom Cab


Paint Code M4 (Wimbleton White w/ Regis Red)


Ordered from DSO 22 (Charlotte, NC)


Engine code Y (360) and Transmission Code G (Automatic)


Trim Code D4 (Black Vinyl Sport Custom Bench Seat / Styleside)



645,225 F-series trucks produced
154,379 F250s produced
w/ Sport Custom Package 3,553 (F100 4x4)
w/ Ranger XLT package 13,673 (F250)
Paint Code 1 (Calypso Coral) 601 (F100 4x4)
Paint Code 3 (Swiss Aqua) 998 (F250 4x4)
Trim Code 34 (Parchment Vinyl Custom Bench Seat / Styleside) 78 (F250 4x4)
Paint Code: T (Rangoon Red) 41,188
w/ Special Paint/Trim Codes (no paint code on warranty tag) 6,583 (F250)
Auxiliary 25-gallon fuel tank w/ std. tank 18,828
Ordered from DSO 14 (Pittsburgh, PA) 7,425
Ordered from DSO 42 (Cleveland, OH) 333 (F100 4x4)
Ordered from DSO 71 (Los Angeles, CA) 1,271 (F250 4x4)
Ordered from DSO 74 (Seattle, WA) 10,290 (F250)
Engine Code H (390-2V) and Transmission code G (Automatic) 23,261
Engine Code H (390-2V) and Transmission Code A (New Process 4-spd. Manual) 4,931 (F250)
Engine Code Y (360-2V) and Transmission Code A (New Process 4-spd. Manual) 17,842 (F100 4x4)
20,724 (F250 4x4)
w/ 4.09 Dana 6CF Front axle 6,331 (F250 4x4)


DSO Dlr. Code



14C404 Morrow Motors Inc., Beaver Falls, PA 15010


22C230 Hull-Dobbs Co., Winston-Salem, NC 27104
42 42B005 Commerce Ford Sales Inc.; North Randall, OH 44128
62 57B731 Dub Miller Ford Inc., Rosenberg, TX 77471
71 71A006 Coberly Ford, Los Angeles, CA 90007
72 72E436 Al Cheney Ford, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
74 74A002 Wm O McKay Co. Inc., Seattle WA 98124
75 75D200 W Loveladys Frontier Ford, Albuquerque, NM 87106
A6 A60014 Southridge Merc SLS LTD; Calgary, Alberta CAN



You are here: Home Technical Index Ford Truck Production - Option Statistics

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